Can any page be set as an extension or do you need some special configuration?

My question is very simple, if I have, can that be set as a twitch extension, or do I need to host on twitch? If not, does it require anything special to work?

I am sorry if this is not a good question, I am just starting and the docs are not helping

The frontend is hosted on Twitch’s CDN, any backend server that your extension may require can be hosted anywhere you like.

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Hi, thank you for you reply.

Do I have to do anything special to use an existing react project as a twitch extension?

There are a few requirements to use an existing project as an extension, such as loading the Twitch Extension Helper, and passing a callback to the onAuthorized function.

As well as that there are also guidelines your extension must follow, all of which are listed in the docs, one of the important ones for frontends that use a bundler like Webpack is that it must be set to not use uglification when bundling as the code must be human readable to pass review.

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If I am going to use only front end code do I still need to do this?

Yes, it’s a check to make sure you’re correctly loading the Twitch Extension Helper, without it the extension can throw an error on Twitch and not be displayed.

ok, thank you