Can I access channel points redemptions using a moderator's token?

Being a moderator on a channel I can see custom rewards, redemptions and even accept/reject them. But when I call the ‘/helix/channel_points/custom_rewards’ endpoint with a token that has the ‘channel:read:redemptions’ scope I get 401.
Docs aren’t clear about that. Am I doing an authorization wrong or this inconsistency is expected?

The API only only supports the broadcasters token.

As the broadcaster chooses what tools can/can’t talk to the API on the casters behalf

Additionally, the API only letys you accept/reject on rewards that were created by the calling clientID.

Basically it’s super locked down for security.

And as per the docs

Provided broadcaster_id must match the user_id in the user OAuth token.

Thanks. Sorry for the incorrect remark on the docs, I think I was searching this info a bit earlier, in more generic descriptions.
And many thanks for the note on accept/reject process, that is definitely a time saver for me.

All good. We always here to answers questions :smiley:

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