Can I create a Drop Campaign on another Twitch Channel?

Hello to everyone.
I’ve a question about the Drop Campaigns. This is the scenario: I want create a new Drop Campaign where the user must watch the streaming for tot minutes on a specific channel that I don’t own. Can I do that?

For example, can I create a Drop for a user that watch 30 minutes of Pewdiepie stream? Or I can do that only for a channel that I own?

Thanks a lot!

If you’re a game developer that has registered an organization on Twitch and have claimed ownership of a game you develop or produce then you can create a Drops Campaign and have it eligible for all streamers on Twitch, or you can allowlist a specific set of streamers of your choosing.

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When creating a Drops campaign for a game category you own, you can create an allowlist for it in which only certain channels will have the Drop campaign enabled for.

You don’t need to own the allowlisted channels, but you should let those users know that you plan on adding them to the allowlist.

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