Can I create an extension with more than one panel of the same kind that show different html files?


I would like to know if I can have more than one url for panel or video component extensions.

Say I want to have two panels that show completely different things, will I be able to have panel1.html and panel2.html?

How can I achieve this? thank you


You’d have to use JavaScript to determine which html template to show, but from only one HTML file.

You can’t use/switch between two or more HTML files like you initially describe.

Ok, thank you

@BarryCarlyon but I can create two panels in the same extension, right? Or does it need to be two extensions if I want two panels (of the same kind)?

No an Extension can only have one Panel HTML Path.
And an extension can only be installed to a single Panel Slot.

if you want to display two different panels at the same time you would need two extensions.

And a broadcaster would be unlikely to install the same extension twice as it would take up 2 of the 3 available panel slots

I there a way to request this feature? (in fact what I need is two video_components even if they share the same html, not two panels, I had gotten that wrong)

We have been discussing panels not video components.

Swapping components to panels shares the same issue.

Broadcasters will probably not want to dedicate the 2 video component slots to a single extension.

You get

  • one video overlay
  • Two Component slots
  • Three Panel slots.

if you need two component slots you should, probably, be considering going full vidoe overlay instead, which’ll let you use the whole canvas and divide up as you need, rather than consuming both slots.

You also need to be aware of the changes coming to video componenets at the end of the month

Which will likely change what you are trying to do.

Why do you need Two Video Components?