Can I create an Indie Video Game using Twitch services

Hey guys,

I have an interesting idea for a cross-platform indie game. It will utilize streaming and will require camera access from the console, PC, or tablet device of the user. The user will broadcast them “playing” to an audience and the audience interacts while they play.

My question is, with those scant details, is it possible to use Twitch as the primary streaming engine the game… considering streaming from your home is the primary goal? Can I create twitch accounts on the user’s behalf (probably not), or can I have the user create a Twitch account through my application? If I build a “report misconduct” button into my application, can I send reports to Twitch? Also, if Twitch decides this user is in violation of their ToS, how can I be notified that it came from my application?

If these questions have a “can-do” answer, this game could be made using Twitch streaming services. If not, I’d just have to build my own for the purpose of the game… which is undesirable. I’m having problems answering these questions, though, so maybe you can help?


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You can make such a game, I don’t see why not. You can’t create accounts.

Not sure about the TOS thing, I believe you would probably want to talk to our admin group about that.

Have you looked at the SDK? It does most of what you want (