Can I tell if twitch irc server is just giving me OPs

I would like to be able to get a list of viewers on a stream without using the API if I don’t need to. So I’m using twitches IRC server, which is fine for any stream under 1000 viewers. If its over 1000 however, then I just receive a list of OPs in IRC. But this list of OPs seems identical to the list of general viewers. So my question is, is there a way for me to determine if I’ve just received a list of OPs and the stream I’m checking is over 1000 viewers without making an API call?

There isn’t a real way to do this. There are unsupported APIs (that many people talk about in this forum) to get the list of all users, which you could use to compare. If there are more than 1000 chatters in a room, NAMES will only return the list of OPs currently in the room. Maybe you’re not hitting the 1000 chatters threshold?

What i ended up doing is assuming that a channel wont have more than 100 moderators. So if i get a list of names less than 100 from IRC i double check with the API. This isnt really the safest solution but for any streams with 100 to 1000 viewers i can get list of viewers without an API call.

That’s a fairly safe assumption. I only know of ~1900 channels with more than 100 mods and even then it’s pretty unlikely 100+ will be on the channel at the same time.

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