Can i use soft for make more fake viewers?

Hello, i’m from Russia. Sorry, i have bad english skill.

I make Internet radio. Use service for broadсasting.

I’m going to write a program in Python or other language for automatic registration and without bypass captcha picture. (for example not my program —
I will enter all the same data but in its program.
Another program function — autojoin to my channel using the new account (use proxy-server list).
It is necessary for me to cheat counter view to attract more viewers to my channel.

Can I start writing a program and I do not break the ToS Twitch.TV?


Viewbotting will result in a permanent account suspension. Also automating registrations is also a ToS violation.

Also Twitch explicitly prohibits “Internet Radio” streams, so really everything you want to do here is against the rules.

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Fugiman, is that still true with the introduction of music streams? If he has the rights to the music he can stream it now or not?

Please read the FAQ I linked to for clarification on what types of music streams are allowed.

Q. Can I use my channel to play music like a radio station?

A. No. The broadcasting of radio-style music-listening shows is an experimental program and is currently reserved on a very limited basis for approved music labels. If you have the necessary rights and meet the same criteria listed at for contributing music to the Twitch Music Library, you can apply for special authorization from Twitch.