Can mods make commands? If so, how?

Can mods make commands in my channel? If so, how do they make them?

Kinda, They can’t add twitch commands but on bots like nightbot and such they can.

But not twitch commands.

But how? Nightbot ,tv? Then what?

Theres a lot of videos on youtube on how to set up nightbot.

I know how to set up nightbot, but as a mod in someone’s channel, I don’t know how to make a command. In my own channel, I know how to make commands by going to nightbot .tv and putting in my password, but if I’m a mod in someone else’s channel, I’m guessing I need the streamer’s password?

They can do !addcom !cmd TEXT so like:
!addcom !test Testing 123

For more info on commands and such you can look here:

Thank you so much, all I needed to know was !addcom !xxx xxxxxx

Glad i could help. :slight_smile:

How do you change commands tho?

Do we have to !delcom and then !addcom ?

There ^