Can nightbot display a list on chat? if so how do we make him

Ok so how does one get nightbot to say something as a list?

I know that to make a list you do:


I also know that !addcom !command !text adds the new command.

But when i try to put the 2 of them togetter, say, to make nightbot display a schedule like this

  • Thursdays 10pm AEDT/7am EST/11am GMT
  • Thursdays 10pm EST/7pm PST/2am GMT (on Friday)
  • Fridays 8pm EST/5pm PST/12am GMT (on Saturday)

The command is added, but when nightbot says it it comes out all togetter as a full paragraph.

My question is, is there any way arround this? to make nightbot display a list as the one presented above?
how do you tipe the command so nightbot understands what i mean =/

This forum is for third party developers, for Nightbot support you would be best asking on their forums

oh sorry, thanks!

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