Can not create an Application

Hello, are there any Options to enable Apps for my new Company Organisation?

I am missing in my Company Console,:

If you dont understand German which is in the Screenshots, in simple term is only that I cannot create any Apps.
I can create Extensions and add Games and some other like drops.

Greetings from Germany!
Thank you for any Tipps!

At time of writing (and to my knowledge) applications cannot be owned by a Company. Hence you don’t have a button to create a company application.

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So I need to create one in my private Profile?
Because I want to use the API in my game (It can react to Chat and if some one follows etc.)

Or create an extension.

An extension is also an application. And the clientID/secret works without a released version existing.

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So it can do the same? Thats good to know

Yes, saves you needing two client ID’s for an extension to call the API with :smiley:

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