Can someone fix this up? To embed hosted stream

I wonder why is it so difficult for Twitch to solve this since 2016. :innocent:

Why a Twitch user still can’t embed his/her Twitch streams to website, including hosted streams? Aren’t hosted streams a part of his/her show? Obviously, hosting a stream should be treated as Offline.

Offline =/= Hosting Stream.

It’s that simple!

What’s the difficulty that makes Twitch can’t fix the API to support this?

It has been four years since this issue is discovered by a Reddit user but Twitch chose to ignore it.

May I know why and how to fix it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Feature suggestions should be posted to the Twitch UserVoice

Thanks for getting back to me, pal. :hugs:

Well, you’re probably right, but one of Twitch staff has already responded to the Reddit post mentioned, so I guess the feature suggestion is already known and got ignored for some reason.

Therefore, what I’m trying to do is not only suggest but also wanna know the cause and the solution if any. That’s why I said “know why and how to fix”.

If it’s not clear, please let me know.

If any solution, please feel free to share. :star_struck:

If it’s not on uservoice theres no “paperwork” for it. Since reddit is just reddit. You don’t know if that staff member that replied, is still staff or if they even entered it into their “feature tracker/ideas board/whatever”

There is no “fix” because it’s not “broken”.

The embed will embed a channel as described by the channel you tell it to display.

if you want it to be “host aware” you have to write your own code to detect the host and change the displayed channel in your embed.

At time of writing the embed does have a “show another channel if in target channel is hosting” flag.

Does that matter?

It’s too simple that I don’t believe you can’t understand it:

  1. At the moment, the staff can be confirmed as one of Twitch corp.
  2. The issue is still persisting now

So, why and what’s the solution?

Yes, it’s broken, admit that. The function isn’t complete.
Hosting is part of a channel.
A user go to A channel and see B channel is hosted on it, he will aware that “Oh, A might not update new content now but he will still provide something by hosting B’s channel”.
Hence, it’s clear that hosting is a part of the original channel and the embed doesn’t do its work to transfer all contents provided by A channel.

How? Don’t have any clue by searching “host” in API v5 documents.
Can you share a straight answer or example? I believe this issue has been talked around for years. If you can give some useful example code, it will reduce numbers of users talking about this defect.

Yes which is why I mentioned the uservoice.

Users can post suggestions and other users can upvote those suggestions.

We’ll agree to disagree there then. I don’t believe it broken, a missing feature is not a bug, therefore it’s not broken, it’s just missing functionality.

Personally, I do not expect an embed to show a channel that the channel is hosting.

If that was added I’d expect it to be a option to allow the embed to show the host as a enable/disable flag, so users implementing embed can choose if they want hosts or not to show. Since for the majority of uses I use embeds for, I wouldn’t want a host to show, and most of the things I do embed, pretty much never host anyone anyway.

HOSTTARGET, is sent to chat/IRC and that’s where I would consume outbound hosting information/status from myself

There is an existing uservoice for it here, from Monday in fact

A suggestion on a different way to handle it is here:

An undocumented endpoint for host tracking is noted here: (undocumented endpoints can break or change at any time)


For clarity, I’m not Twitch staff.

Just another community developer.

As a community developer, I can’t agree that it’s broken, because to me it’s a missing feature that some people might find useful.

And if I did find it useful, I’d post the suggestion to include this functionality to the Uservoice, where feature requests go.

I wouldn’t post it to the forums or bug tracker, as forums will just send you to the uservoice and the bug tracker will close it as not a bug but a feature request, and send you to the uservoice.

Please keep in mind Twitch is a large company employing thousands of people in different functions working on different parts of the service, supporting functionality, and subsidiaries. Using the right channels helps the message reach the right people.


It’s definitely a issue and what I’m looking for is solution, reason, and remind Twitch to move forward and complete the embed function. Therefore, if someone knows the solution or reason, they’ll share it here. In the same time, Twitch should check what we’ve talked and complete the function. That’s why it’s posted here.

If it’s still hard for you to understand, it’s fine and no one cares what will you put this to, user voice or forum.

BTW, I’ve also serached and checked other articles before so what you posted is already checked. Actually, in the similar articles, I’ve noticed that you’re not helping here. Instead, you’re keeping telling it’s not supported. That’s all. matt_thomas does much better than you as he provided some solutions. On the other hand, what you have contributed is “0”.

I’m not forcing you to solve it as you’ve said that you’re not a staff. Just let you know that you’re not make any one to move any step.

Finally, someone in Twitch can face to the truth.

Thank you for responding and just a suggestion, please check this incomplete and buggy embed function as this issue has been suspended for 4 years.

Hope you understand.

Then please post it to the uservoice as a suggestion, as 3ventic suggested, things need to be on the right channels, this forum is not the right channel for raising this feature request.

I covered some possible solutions in my reply on this thread, I covered how I’d do it and linked to other peoples replies on similar solutions

Starting here, and I even linked to Matt’s existing suggestion on a method using a “known” list of streamers, and links to Alca’s solution on reading hosting information.

I have attempted to route you to the best locations for the problem you are having. And even found an existing uservoice for it

Not sure what else you want from me other that to actually go an code you a solution for you.

The difficultly is that without merging together a bunch of different stuff, and/or undocumented endpoints you have some fun doing what you are trying to do. Personally, as I already covered I’d be using a channel bot to detect host status and store stream status+host status on my website and then let my code/website decide which stream to show. But I have no use for this as none of the people I work for need it, they only want to embed their own streams, and very rarely do any hosting at all. And when they do, they don’t want that host to appear where they are embedding.

So this comes back to what I wrote here

It shouldn’t be the default behavior, if it was added to the embed system.

Worth noting that if you popout a stream it won’t show the host either (last I checked), so popout’s and embeds have the same model of operation. Is that bugged too or intended?

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To follow up on this thread as well, I wanted to confirm that a hosted channel not showing in a Twitch embed is not a bug. However, it is functionality for the team to consider adding at some point in the future. I will add a UserVoice entry on your behalf for this request and link it here, then you can upvote and subscribe to be notified when the team has made a decision on whether or not this is functionality they would like to provide in the Twitch embed experience. I had incidentally closed out the one Barry referenced above as it was asking how to do it, not if it could be a new feature. Please feel free to add more comments on the entry below.