Can´t upload next js extension to host test

I’m trying to upload my next js app to the twitch hosted test but I can’t. On my localhost everything works perfectly. I am compressing the files inside the .next folder in zip format. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance. (pd: I don’t want to use next export because I have server files)

Thats your issue.

The Twitch Extension CDN is a dumb Nginx Server.

It cannot run node.

So this sounds like you are trying to upload the whole project, and not static HTML/JS/CSS

thanks for your quick response. So I can’t use next js for twitch

You should be able to.

You jast have to build it to a static site that can be served by a dumb nginx server. (not by a nodeJS server)

Which according to

Should be

next build and then the contents for .next in your zip file.
Then if your HTML is not loading check your zip is not a zip of a folder of files. Should be a zip of files.
And then if yout HTML is loading but your assets/js/css is not. you’ll need to fix the referneces to those items to by relative links not absolute links.

But I’m not that familiar with next to know for sure.

So the question is, when you

do this.

Whats not working?

Is the upload being rejected?
Is your extension not loading?

Whats not working?

Failed to load resource: 400
Invalid Extension Version Param

this is the content of my zip. Extension not loading :frowning:

I tried next export and uploading just statics. But not working…

Theres no HTML in there to load for the view.

I think this guide applies for next actually

Export to static HTML.

also tried. It doesn’t work

Whats the error?

You are trying to look at the extension on a Twitch page? And not loading the testing base URI directly?

Extensions are uplaoded to a sub folder tree of that testing base URI so you need to load the extension via the frame on a Twitch page

Also note you have quite a few HTMl’s there, you can’t navigation from one to another. So you might need to adjust your JS to for pagin without navigatin.

yes that was the problem thanks sir
Now working