Can the API be used to set/unset host mode and if so how?


Our gaming clan would like to stream there channel on the Clan twitch channel and I understand I can post in the chat /host XYZ for example and it will host there channel on the clan twitch.

Is it possible to use the API so set members can send commands to host other twitch channels on the main clan channel?

If so does anyone have any tips on what I should be doing/using to do this?


Just spit balling here, but I’m 99% sure API is read only for end users. So you can not change a setting in it remotely. What I would probably do is make something, like a PHP IRC bot or something that queries the API for your (the host) oauth token, connect to the chat and send a host command. Maybe make a list of streamers to check if they are live, and then based on the order the list is, the first one it finds online, when you are offline, do the host command. Then add it to like a crontab that checks if your stream is live every 5-10 minutes. Voila.

You can change status, game, delay and generate a stream key (etc.) through the API. (It’s not read-only)
Reading the docs, I can’t see anything about being able to change the host mode.
Could be a good addition to the API, but this could also be possible through IRC as @matt_thomas suggested.

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Zaaryus, I’ve learned something new. Thanks!

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Happy to be of help! :smile:

I ended up setting editors in the dashboard of the account.

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