Can we capture live scores using twitch api

I want to know whether we can get Live scores when Game Streaming Ends so that we can use those scores in our application.

The only game that has any metadata in the API is Overwatch or Hearthstone and that tends to be current map/character

It’s used to filter the streams not the game results.

So in short: there is no Twitch API that presents the Live Scores when streaming ends. Assuming you refer to “this streamer was 5 scores to 3” and not something else?

Thanks, Is there any other solution to this problem. I didn’t got this point “this streamer was 5 scores to 3”,I only want to store game score in my database so that i can show rankings.

That is because I don’t get what you are trying to do either.

Games don’t send their scores/results to Twitch, so they are not in the API for you to fetch.

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