Can we move on from Paypal

Plz for the love of god, Paypal has done nothing but give issues i know a few fellow broadcasters who have had issues in the past with getting their money from Paypal and now i am one of them. I can no longer touch my tips or paychecks from Twitch because my account for some reason got unverified and now it won’t let me transfer any $ out and it won’t let me re verify my self. I have been going back n fourth with CS for 2 weeks and all they tell me to do is wait 48 hours and it never works… Is there any other way to get paid outside of Paypal?

Twitch has no control over any problems Paypal may have, you have to contact Paypal directly about that.

If you don’t want to use Paypal, then don’t use Paypal, Twitch doesn’t control what 3rd party sites broadcasters use for their ‘tips’ service, that’s entirely on you.

As for Twitch’s own payments to broadcasters, there are several payment options available, including check, eCheck / Local Bank Transfer, and wire transfer. Not all payment methods will be available in all regions, and each payment method will have it’s own costs and fees associated with it, as well as the potential for longer wait times on payment.

For further support please use as this is a forum for 3rd party developers.

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