can you connect to your twitch channel chat in C#?

Good morning,
I am trying to develop an C# app that allows me to get real alerts, see chat and write chat only by connecting via browser from any device without having to enter twitch credentials every time, I need someone for IRLs can you tell me where to find the right documentation?

The app host will be my server for now and AWS or Azure in the future


You’ll need to get an oAuth token of type user.

Depending on how you want to handle auth, will depend on what token you use

So implicit probably works the best

Chat is documented here

If you get stuck and you want to go the library route there is likely a C# lib you can use instead

Ok, thanks in theory the app saves the access data on the server in an encrypted file and reads them by decrypting it, it does not save anything locally on the device

if instead I want to insert the chat via embedding in my MVC app?
i tried with iframe, but it gives “connection denied by”.

problem solved, wrong URL

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