Can you embed Twitch's chat/player to a streamers own website that has minimal ads/sponsor spots (live samples in post)


Is it allowed for streamers to embed their video, chat perhaps their vods on the streamers OWN, website for example: www.KatieHello.tld.

I understand that under no circumstances are injections, overlays allowed over the Twitch content/product.

But can you place ad/sponsor spot similar to these Twitch streams who does it:, Destiny,, ManaPot,, luminosity,, etc etc.

And of course embedding video and chat correctly as shown in desk.

If something would be an issue, can you then explain how it be possible to correct it to make it suitable?

/Have a fantastic day and thanks for an amazing service! :innocent:

Yes, all of those are supported using our video embeds and chat embeds. :slight_smile: Ads can’t be the primary focus of the page where you are hosting our embeds.

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