Cannot unsubscribe

Issue mostly resolved by making a new application

In summary, topics should be unsubscribable without a server response from the callback in the case that the server does not exist at that url anymore

I assume you refer to Twitch Webhooks?

Under the current structure you need to verify the unsubscribe in order to, in part, confirm that you made the request to unsubscribe officially.

Hmm, is client-id supposed to be public info? Because it is some sort of validation… I guess some UI for editing webooks behind account login would be best

You can “edit” by using your client secret to generate a server2server token, which’ll let you kill a subscription, of course a server needs to be there to acknowledge and confirm the shutdown.

That in itself is why a webhook has a maximum lifttime of ten days, and I’m fairly sure that Twitch will kill a subscription if it completely fails for x delivery attempts in a row.

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