Cannot wrap my head around HTML code to link stream to website


New to website building. I currently have a website dedicated to a Halo community I run named Spartan War Games. Before I was able to embed my Mixer channel absolutely fine with no issues, because mixer shut I’ve moved over to twitch, but like many others I’m struggling to embed my Twitch channel to the website. Would someone be able to help? I’ve tried all the embeding ways on the documentation but at first I’m getting a twitch player being refused to a sad face and I don’t know if I’m typing something wrong or getting the parents wrong.

I just want to be able to embed a player that stays offline until I go live, I don’t want to have a chat embed, just the live video player.

This is the 2 bits of code I’ve tried using and feel like I’m being dumb:


I’ve tried to use the iframes and other embeds from the documentation.

My Twitch is: Twitch & website is:

Is someone able to help me get my head around this?
Many thanks in advance :smiley:

EDIT: I’ve also tried this:


Don’t worry! I’ve fixed it! :slight_smile:

As a side note it only needs to be

You’ve included the Wix fix, but you are not using Wix.

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