Can't even configure my extensions anymore

And I haven’t even done anything but for the past few weeks I cannot configure them anymore, it shows up a blank pop-up, I have even tried on different browsers and incognito mode still the same problem.
It stays on this screen and never loads. What am I doing wrong? This is for every single extension.

I finally had enough when I went to install and configure Crowd Control, but low and behold black screen .

I have deleted my cache, cookies everything no change.

Make sure you are using a supported browser.
Such as latest chrome, firefox, or edge.

If you are using Firefox, it can sometimes bug out anyway, especailly if your extension requires the subscribers scope.

So check the console for errors and recheck with browser extensions disabled.

if this is an externsion in development, use the console to debug

I use Chrome.
how do I check the console? I don’t know how to do that

It’s all extensions not just one.

So you are not a developer and are facing a first party issue?

You should reach out to the developers of the extensions you are trying to use for help and support with those extensions

I am just a streamer…
But every single extension I have to reach out to??

If it’s all extensions then you need to go to twitch support. This forum is for people developing extensions or other products for Twitch. We are not Twitch staff or support.