Can't get the IRCv3 tags capability to work


Recently I’ve been trying to create a little Twitch Bot (with mIRC) just for fun. While most things are working without any problems I can’t seem to get the tags capability to work. To be specific, instead of seeing a message formatted like that:

@ban-duration=ban-duration;ban-reason=ban-reason CLEARCHAT #channel :user

This is all I get: CLEARCHAT #zakath2k cookietestmonster

Same with PRIVMSG and all other events. While testing I’m trying to retrieve the the output like that:

raw *:*:{
  echo -s raw: $rawmsg

I did request all 3 capabilities using:

 raw CAP REQ
 raw CAP REQ
 raw CAP REQ

and got the following responses which make me assume the requests should have been successful:


So I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I did some research trying to find threads of other people having a similar problem but they usually had the problem because they didn’t request the tags capabilities and once they did the problem was fixed. So I’m thinking I must be missing something else.

Has anyone got a clue what could be the problem and can help me out?


mIRC processes the msgtags before it triggers the raw event; you can look up msgtags using $msgtags(tag-name).tag and $msgtags(tag_name).key

See /help $msgtags in mIRC for more info

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Oh I didn’t know mIRC would do that, must a rather recent feature because I’m pretty sure it didn’t do that a while ago.

Thanks for pointing it out, that helped a lot.

Added July 17th, 2015 for mIRC v7.42; Item 26 & 28 as per mIRC’s versions.txt

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