Can't get USERNOTICE or twitchnotify messages

I think I have a fundamentally lack of understanding how irc works but I’m still going to try asking here because I can’t really find an answer. I’ve been following the chat bot sample provided here and I’ve been trying to do something when someone subs. I have requested tags and commands as shown in the example to get USERNOTICE capabilities however I can’t seem to figure out how I can actually get those messages. They don’t show up in pubmsg or privmsg for me and I am really confused right now, any ideas what I’m doing incorrectly? or is there something very obvious that I am missing?

What error messages are you getting?

Are you able to post the relevant code here?

It looks like the IRC library your chatbot is using isn’t made for Twitch. It doesn’t listen for Twitch specific messages like USERNOTICE or the like.
So, either you switch to another IRC library that is made for Twitch or you modify your current one yourself.

Also, twitchnotify has been removed a long time ago

hmm ok that makes sense. right now I can only get all the chat messages from the example code. I guess I’ll connect manually using socket or something

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