Can't make sense of Firefox error msg

Hello everyone,

I’ve been embedding Twitch interactive Player for VOD’s in my React website and it’s pretty much all good now.

But I’m getting this Warning message in the Firefox console:
“Feature Policy: Skipping unsupported feature name “autoplay”.”

What is strange is that I don’t even use the word “autoplay” anywhere in my entire project so I’m curious what this is about.

Thanks for your help

The embed player is probably trying to invoked autoplay (either setting it to true or false)

And firefox is reacting to that.

it’s not in your project, but the attribute is attempted to be used/set by the iframe.

You could be running and outdated version of Firefox that doesn’t supported the directive?

A quick google returns this I don’t know the current status of Firefox development.

And this dev tools warning is safe to ignore, unless you are trying to make VOD’s auto play, and they are not.

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