Can't See MultiTwitch Chat

Whenever I open MultiTwitch (doesn’t matter how many streams I’m watching together) the chat has Twitch icon on it and it just doesn’t work, it’s not like loading or trying to connect or something… I’m currently using Opera, tried Google Chrome but it’s still the same…

Like… am I the only one who can’t see the chat? 'cause I don’t see why I’d be the only one 'cause everything is fine with my browsers etc… and if I’m not the only one then why is this not fixed? It has been like this for a long time.

Take it up with MultiTwitch.

This is the 3rd Party Twitch developers forum
And we have nothing to do with MultiTwitch and neither does Twitch…

There is not MultiTwitch forum… that’s why I decided to ask here. If there is then I can’t find it.

You can make an issue with the developer at

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