Can't Start Extensions Onboarding

I can’t find the button to begin Extensions Developer Onboarding. Is something broken? This page says to click this link: Twitch but that just takes you to your normal Twitch settings…

Sorry I jumped the gun and can’t delete my post. After logging out and back in it shows up in my normal Twitch settings.

Hmm was hoping that was the issue, I logged out and back in but the Onboarding still does not show up for me in the normal Twitch Settings, still waiting for it to pop up D:

Edit; Ok so the Extension Developer Onboarding still hasn’t shown up but after relogging, but I am able now to press the create extension button in the devs dashboard and create my extension.

Also it never asked to file in any Tax forms as described in the documentation, so I guess it takes the Taxs filing from Partner / Affiliate which makes it a lot easier to create private personal extensions, and limit redistribute them

I’m having the same issue, no such setting on my Settings tab, logging in and out doesn’t seem to help. Still don’t have permission to create extensions or have the setting :frowning:

Edit: It seems you’re correct @Ocgineer that it uses the Partner tax stuff instead, as on my Partner Settings I can see “View Extensions Developer Agreement” with the green tick mark. I would guess the developer website just takes awhile to update, I’ll check back in an hour or two.

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I’m the same as @Ocgineer and @Joshimuz I cannot see any Extension Dev Onboading, guessing this is due to again being either affiliate or partner.

I’ve signed out back in, on both twitch and the dev site however nothing. I’m currently in the same boat as @Joshimuz unless it does take time to update? However I did this a few hours ago now.

Thanks in advance

I’m also a partner and can’t find that “Extension Dev Onboarding”, the dev site says that I don’t have permission to create extensions. I’m really interested into create my own extensions to make more interactive streams…

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Hello @furious try this:

1/ Connect yoursel to
2/ Activate the double authentification
3/ Go to this url ( replace YOUR-USER-NAME by you user name obviously )

Do all the step on this URL, then try to create the extension.

Grettings :slight_smile:


The /dashboard/settings/payout-onboarding for me is a 404, and the onboarding button still doesn’t show in /dashboard/settings, but I am able to create and manage extensions now in the dev portal. Guess they overlooked the fact that current partners / affiliates would make their own extensions and it bugs out LUL

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Still unable to create extensions, partnered account - green check-mark by the agreement. “You do not have permissions” on the create button.

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I tried this as well. I get a 404 Error (Prince is in another castle).

Edit: After waiting for 15 minutes or so and trying to log in and out of both Developer site and Twitch main site, the link works/appears in my dashboard settings.

A whole day has passed now with my logging in and out several time on every account in different variations and I still get the “You do you not have permission”

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Mine was just fixed by a staff member, I assume it’s either case by case fix or they roll out a fix asap. They are definitely working to resolve it!

Thank you, it works now :smile:

For some reason when I’m getting into the Extensions Manager, it says: “Sorry, unless you have a time machine, that content is unavaliable.” Did Twitch remove the extensions manager? I’m at the need to know.

No. If you recently change your Twitch user name, you may see this error. You may need to log out of Twitch, then log back in again to correct it.