Can't update box art

I’m getting the same error many others have had while trying to update box art where it seems to time-out.

I am the owner of the new game called “Space Boat” and I’d like to make this the box art:

Any help is welcomed!


Thanks Barry. I understand that you’re not staff (from other posts), but do we have a rough idea when it will work again or when someone can take care of this? Our second week on Kickstarter is about to begin and streamers are showing a gray box. It’s starting to make us look bad.

There is no further information.

All I can do is point you what staff has posted elsewhere.

Thanks Barry. I appreciate it. Have you been hit by this too?

I’m not a game dev and don’t own any games on Twitch in order to need to upload box art.

So no I have not.

Welp, it’s a week later and it still doesn’t work. Much sadness.

We also have time-out when trying upload game image. Any news on that?

There is no update beyond what is posted on

And given it’s a Sunday, no update expected till at least tomorrow

OK Thanks Barry

I can’t imagine being in your shoes, @BarryCarlyon . I know it’s not your fault and there’s nothing you can do, but please let the people that control this know that it has been 2 weeks since we posted about this and about 3 weeks since we’ve had the issue. That’s a long time to update box art :anguished:

Just thought I’d mention that a link went up on the box art changing page that allows you to email your box art.

I took around 2 days for it to go through, but my box art was updated at last.

Thanks @BarryCarlyon, for all your help.

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Following up on individual posts regarding cover art uploads, we wanted to make sure everyone has seen the following announcement. As @RecombobulatorGames mentioned, there is a link in the developer console as well with instructions for requesting manual cover art upload until November 17, at which point IGDB contributions will be the source of cover art.