Can't Update Extension Settings

I am currently having problem updating settings for my extension.

For example, when I add a Mobile Path for my extension and go back to the extension version that has the path. It is missing. Or when uploading to the Upload Assets, it is not uploading anything.

Are you seeing any error messages?

I was having issues updating my Testing Accounts but it finally went through.
Now I am having issues uploading my file, ones which previously worked before.
No error messages sorry, it says its uploaded, click Save Changes or Upload Assets and the page goes back to the version status as if the change was not comitted.


I was able to fix the problem by creating a new version for my extension.

I had the same issue last week with my mobile enabled extension.

Thanks! Turning off mobile wasn’t enough, i had to make a new version. Not sure what to do with the old one as you can’t delete it but at least i can put it into test now.

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I now am able to upload to the version which was bugged.