Can't watch twitch anymore!

Been like this since yesterday. There’s nothing wrong on my end, internet is fine, has always been, PC is fine, has always been, you can trust me on this. But hey, whenever I open up a stream the screen is black, on some browsers it is black, on some browsers it is black but has that loading icon on it, same outcome, it is always black, no sound, no nothing. On some browsers u can see some messages from the live chat, on some browsers u can’t. Everything is updated, can’t update it anymore…

Like… I wanna watch stuff… come on man

P.S. thanks for making people watch 30 sec adds… (no, of course I can’t skip them)

Edit: Tried some stuff. I can watch on my phone, everything is fine there.

On some browsers I can write in Live chat, on some browsers I can’t even see the chat at all. I can watch some channels’ uploaded vods after they’re done streaming or even if they’re Live.

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