Captcha Not Working? + @moobot + @twitchapps ?!

Hello, we have a normal web browser programmed in C# and all site works but when we surf on Twitch and try to register, the Captcha will not shown. This is since yesterday, i checked the website and found something about trigger etc, so this mean twitch is no more open api? (Without tools this works, after writing in password box the captcha autoamtically show, but in C# not works.

Ok seems Twitch Have Big Problems with “Captcha System”.
All Captcha Not Works on these Website "Moobot, TwitchApps, TwitchNow (Chrome also Reigster not work)…
All website not work to Register Twitch Account Tested with Firefox, IE, Chrome etc.
Please check thewebsite and fix this, we can Not Register Accounts on these Websites! Thanks