Capture mouse movement on the player iframe


I’ve embedded the twitch javascript video player into my page. I also show a menu that disappears after x seconds of mouse inactivity. It only pops up again after mouse movement (like netflix). Unfortunately the iframe eats up all mouse move events. The player takes 100% of my screen…

Is there a simple way of getting these events from the player / iframe?

Cheers and thx!

Can we see your code?

Hi Barry,

Sure, for a live demo head over to, enter two live twitch channels and hit launch video player. In order to popup the menu again, you have to move your mouse somewhere NOT on the player picture. Do you need the js code too? It’s minified on this page…

Cheers and thx!

Hmm I bet it just doesn’t work because the player spins up some extension code and thats capturing mouse

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