Capturing extensions-in-chat messages from a third party extension

Hi everyone,
I’ve been searching for a way to capture bit events from a third-party extension (trying to consolidate extension bits with cheered bits for use in an overlay). With some searching here, I think I understand that bits-transactions within extensions belong to the extension, not the channel, and so are not visible as bit/cheer events within the channel

This particular extension effectively prints its transactions into (browser) chat via the ‘extensions-in-chat’ feature (e.g. “User did [action] for [number] bits” for every event), so I’d hoped that it would at least be possible to capture and parse those messages. However, these messages do not appear in the common standalone chat clients (like chatty, chatterino, etc), and I think I’ve confirmed with a simple TwitchIO bot (with scope) that chat from extensions is sent as something other than a PRIVMSG.

I’m quite new to twitch development, so apologies if this is a straightforward question, but is there anything in the twitch API or PubSub/EventSub subscriptions that can actually see messages sent via the extension chat message API? I’ve been searching without success, but I’m hoping it’s accessible somewhere. I found this discussion from a while back expressing concern about the off-chat channel, but haven’t found any followups or developments since then Extension Chat messages NOT displaying in 3rd party chats (StreamElements/StreamLabs)

I’m thinking of resorting to hacking something into a browser add-on specifically to log extension messages to a file that my application can then process, but I’m hoping there’s a better way. Thanks for any help!

Extension chat messages cannot be captured by third parties.

If you wish to consume event data from an extension, you shoul contact that extension and ask for an API so that you can consume that data.

Ah, disappointing to hear that there’s not a standardized way to access this, but thanks for taking the time to confirm for me. Appreciate it!

Yeah as you already noted:

The data belongs to the Extension.

So it’s on the Extension to expose that to a third third party if they wish

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