Cash out issue I'm having

Sorry if this is the wrong area. I’m a twitch affiliate and I’ve met the cashout threshold and was wondering where the money is going. I set up my PayPal with the account, and I can see that my channel analytics Total Estimated Revenue has been lowering the past few days which I assume is because I’ve reached the end of the month and it’s suppose to cash out yet my PayPal balance remains the same. I’m just wondering where this money is going. My bits area also says " $47.10 last period" so I assume $47.10 was supposed to be paid out. Thanks.

This is the Twitch Third Party Developers forum.

We cannot help you with cash outs for affiliates.

Further more you have posted this in the Extensions and Game Analytics forum, of which this post does not pertain to.

I believe you need to $100 before you can cash out. For more