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Discussion pertaining to our chat system. Feature requests, bugs, and suggestions for both the IRC interface and web APIs are welcome!

Hi my name is… Well you know cause it says right up there. If I’m not supposed to make this account then I am sorry. Just notify me to take it down, but why I’m here is is I was just thinking what a brilliant idea it would be to have the same emotes that are used for twitch.Tv’s deskot website, for mobile. An app that can be downloaded an cooperated in to your keyboard, and as a very satisfied member of the twitch community; I wouldnt hesitate pay for THAT app.

I’d like to be able to use the Notice command in the web chat so you can send private messages to users that won’t clog up the entire chat with trivial messages that other users don’t care to see. Thanks.

I can see NOTICE being handy for mods, but other than that I think private messages would be a bad idea.

I’d like to see a list of all the CSS tags/id’s for styling the web chat, so that developers don’t have to waste hours (not to say days) trying to figure them out.

I find the chat API very lacking, not to say non existing. All there is is /emoticons and /badges. I’d like to see a WebSocket API for instance.

IMO a must have is the ability to pass an existing token to either the chat <iframe> implementation or the chat popout:

The same goes for the player by the way.

hello since a short time i have been un able to chat it keeps saying : unable to connect to chat reconnecting in X seconds

how is this posible and how can this be fixed?