Change Channel Title and Game

I do not know how to change the name of the stream and the game. Please write some code to Python.

The V5 API offers a neat call to set a lot of things of a channel:

It’s more or less a simple HTTP PUT call.
I don’t do Python, but the code should be fairly easy.

However, being a privileged call, you need an OAuth token for the channel you want to set values for, you can read up on that here:

It looks like a lot to swallow, at first, but it’s actually easier than it seems.

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I do not understand why I can not get the data from the link ?client_id=<cliend_id>/editors?oauth_token=<channel_editor token>

What error are you getting?

And you need to send the client-id and oauth token as headers, not part of the URL.
Only the channel-id of the channel you want to fetch the data for is in the URL.

Should be:

You messed up the URL

Further more see the docs about sending a oauth token as a header as already linked in this thread

What is channelid? channel name + cliend_id=<…> ?

Channel ID is the numerical ID representing the channel you’re accessing information of, like “AcmeStream” would be the “name” and “231886” would be the “channel id”. Each channel has it’s own unique ID.

If you don’t know the ID and only have the name, you can get the ID with a call to /kraken/users?login= (it’s in the “_id” field of the response)

Do you know how to write this on a Python?

Unfortunately no, as I don’t work with Python.

But maybe this helps (make sure to read down till “working with headers”):

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