Change game name/category on Twitch

Hey there all! :slight_smile:

My game used to be called Eternal Return: Black Survival (as seen on Twitch), but we removed the “Black Survival” part from the title.

As seen here:

And on Giant Bomb:

Could I go about getting the name of the game/category changed on Twitch?

Change it on IGDB

Twitch doesn’t use Giant Bomb any more.


Found your record as

Which is gonan conflict with IGDB: from 2017 Twitch: Twitch

Edit 2:

In fact might go put the edit in myself

IGDB has an extended SLA due to Twitch Holiday. So it’ll take longer than usualy for the the update/revison to be cleared. Then Twitch will ingest the change.

I just saw your edit right after my edit haha. Thanks!

Let’s see how this title conflict resolves. I suspect it’ll be a slight probem :smiley:

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