Changes to IRCv3 emotes indices

We are updating our emoticon parsing to return indices for \x01ACTION {message}\x01 messages (sent via /me command) to return indices relative to the message itself, rather than the PRIVMSG body.

Consider a user sending /me Kappa

We’ll start sending;

@emotes=25:0-4 :user! PRIVMSG #channel :\x01ACTION Kappa\x01

instead of:

@emotes=25:9-13 :user! PRIVMSG #channel :\x01ACTION Kappa\x01


Is there any reason that the action part isn’t moved to an IRCv3 tag? Or is this the standard way to do IRC /me messages?


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When does this change go live?

Looks like it already is George. I’ve been tinkering with IRCv3 today and it’s using the newer index format

Doesn’t seem to be using the new format for me. When I send a /me message starting with an emote, the index still starts with 8.

@color=#FAAF19;emotes=25:0-4;subscriber=0;turbo=0;use_relative=1;user_type=admin :george! PRIVMSG #george :ACTION Kappa

Looks like it was changed here. Also noticing the new use_relative parameter.


Thats what it looks like for me:

[00:28:24] >> [main] @color=#0000FF;emotes=25:8-12;subscriber=0;turbo=1;user_type=mod :tduva! PRIVMSG #tduvatest :ACTION Kappa

Maybe it isn’t updated on all servers yet.

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