Changing our extension name


Situation: Our extension requires a name change.
Problem: The new name was reserved under a different account.

My personal account has the new name
The current version is created within the new organization.

How do I make sure I can change the name?
A: Delete the old versions, then change the name.
B: Transfer the old versions to the org account, then transfer the assets to this extension.
C: There is a verification process to “claim” the right name that I don’t know about.
D: These options have no effect on an eligible name change or are not possible. You can’t change a name.

Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Jeroenski

You’d have to kill the one with the new name.
Then wait $unknownTimePeriod for the name to release
Then you can move things round.

I don’t know if this is something $upstairs can help with. But I’ll go poke someone.

Thanks Barry.

I hope this will help! Let me know :wink:

Cheers, Jeroen

When I try to delete the extension, I’m told this is not possible.
It’s not even released.
I get directed to the twitch support page.
There is no section about Extension developer support.

There is a bug where if the extension has no versions at all, regardless of it’s state, you can’t delete the extension

You need at least one version (unreleased/released any state) in order to delete