Channel-bits-events-v1 doesn't receive anything

Hey so I’ve tried quite a few solutions and I’m hoping I can get help here. I’m creating an API call from Unity (C#). Everything is working fine, including wss receiving whispers and ping-pong is working perfectly. This is my listen call:
and I receive in response the expected json

Whispers and pingpong also look as they’re described in documentation. I’m curious why userId and channelId are identical, but I’m not particularly bothered by that if it works, but sending bits to gives me nothing. Am I missing something here? As far as I know I’m following the documentation to the T. It’s hard to continue testing this too as my alt account has run out of bits.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Because on the moderator actions topic, I can connect to


So Moderators can read the channel moderation events.

So me as a moderator of cohhcarnage, can use my access token to listen for moderation events in cohh’s channel.

Try channel-bits-events-v2.ChannelID instead of v1

I don’t think I have any clients connected to v1, could be (surprise) deprecated (and docs not updated) or broken but v2 I know is working.

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Thank you so much for the help Barry, I’ll try that out.

I have a follow up question. So first off to test I was sending bits from my bot account that my app uses to login and send messages to chat. I sent myself all 300 bits that i had accumulated using that account. As I mentioned I didn’t see anything show up with v1, and I think i had v2 but i’ll try just v2 and remove the listen for v1.

However, I added the bit leaderboard get request to the algorithm to see if I got better results from that, and put it for all time, and got the top 100 for all time for my account. It showed that someone sent me 238 bits a half month ago during a stream I did, but not the 300 bits I sent from my bot account. Is there something about the initial 300 bits an account gets for free that makes it not show up in the API perhaps?

Lastly, in the documentation I noticed that v2 says in the example channel-bits-events-v2

"topic": "channel-bits-events-v2.46024993"

But in the example for the listen command it says “topics”:… plural. is this a mistake? or is the listen call different for v2?

The listen command is always “topics” even if only listening to one topic

Yeah messy docs

Free bits?!

Bits operate the same in a channel regardless of how those bits are obtained

I don’t know.

Bots generally can’t cheer anyway if trying to do so via IRC.
Bits only trigger if done by a human via a web browser

It’s a normal account that I just log into via the app. I logged into it with a browser and sent myself bits but they haven’t yet showed up in my leaderboard calls. But if you don’t know then no worries, i’ll have to look further into it. I’ll let you know what I did wrong lol.

Thanks again for the help and quick reply. Unbelievably appreciated.

I got it working by the way… My first mistake is not knowing the difference between bits and channel points. But only using v2 fixed the problem. Thanks for all the help!

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