Channel broadcaster_type empty in /kraken/streams response


When using api v5, I encountered the following problem.

If we get<gameName> i get arrays of stream. Each stream contain channel object and field "broadcaster_type": "" always empty.

If we take the <channelId> from the above request and get<channelId> field broadcaster_type will be filled properly like “partner”, “affiliate”, or empty “”.

I would like to know why this is happening.

Thank you.

I see that too, definitely inaccurate.

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Same for<channelId>

Only and currently have the broadcaster_type field filled out. All other endpoints which have the channel object have the field (I think) but it’s always “” (empty). It would be nice if the channel object would be the same across all v5 API endpoints but it isn’t atm. This is the case since the field was first introduced around 3 months ago.

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