Channel Info in new Twitch API

The old v5 API gives me a lot of information about a channel in 1 request:

I basically want to this information or even better all this information: with the new API and as less requests as possible.
I can’t find the get-channel endpoint in the new API. Can you help me?

In the new API all “channels” are “users”

For user information

For stream information

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Thanks! But I need more than one call to retrieve all the information or can i somehow combine them? Why did the strip the API like that?


I imagine computationally, the amount of CPU time for two API requests, the same as the “old” one API request.

Additionally, since a “users data” changes less often, it makes more sense to fetch the user data once per 24 hours and the streams more often, as a stream will change more often, than a users data will.

So overall, this reduces the overall bandwidth and data transmitted.

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