Channel panel API endpoint (2016) - CORS

I once brought up this topic and got an answer that worked:{CHANNEL_NAME}/panels?client_id={Client-ID}

But now this is not working in the browser; It worked in this desktop app that I made (using Electron). It’s the only API end point that I need that’s not a part of the Kraken API endpoints. Is there any way around this?

Is it returning something different than before or is it just straight not working in your app/browser?

I pulled up a channel just fine and it returned what I expected it to.

@piecedigital Only the endpoints under kraken are officially supported for 3rd party use. I wouldn’t expect CORS support for anything else. The endpoint does support jsonp though.

@Larklen APIs need either jsonp or CORS support in order to be consumed by javascript in a browser, which has normal security restrictions enabled.

Ah, good point! When OP said it didn’t work in browser I auto-went to try but didn’t draw the connection between Browser and CORS. I have learnt something :slight_smile:

Okay, I guess I’ll have to give JSONP a try. Never done it, though.
I thought it’d work the same as it did in electron but I guess not.

Did you try it with XHR, though? It will pull the data when using the browser exactly.

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