Channel Point Redemption through IRC removed?

After reading some old APIs and the current documentation I see that PrivMsg no longer contains custom_reward_id, which was the only way to detect Channel Point redemptions through IRC as far as I know. Is there any way to get them through IRC?

Only custom rewards that raise. chat message from thr user being prompted to enter text will create a chat message that should have that tag.

So not all rewards will appear in chat as a message.

I expect you are looking forr a reward that doesn’t raise a message. And thats what you are missing.

For rewards you are really looking at pubsub or eventsub, not chat for full coverage/all types of custom rewards.

This actually wasnt documented in the first place, so its not removed from the docs, just never added if it was intended for us to use anyway in the first place

I was aware of it needing a reward that includes a message, however I still cannot get it to work. I’ll mess around with it a bit more

Looks to still be working for rewards that require the user to enter chat

@badge-info=;badges=broadcaster/1,ambassador/1;color=#033700;custom-reward-id=8c4876ec-43c4-4f9f-86d8-9c0a95c922a5;display-name=BarryCarlyon;emotes=;flags=;id=09e7d511-7885-40db-be68-1f8367d2f266;mod=0;room-id=15185913;subscriber=0;tmi-sent-ts=1625107450711;turbo=0;user-id=15185913;user-type= :barrycarlyon! PRIVMSG #barrycarlyon :asdasdasad

Note the custom-reward-id tag

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