Channel Points and Rewards

I’m planning to develope a widget with the following feature

  1. a goal bar that works with reedemed channel points
  2. a section that display in rotation the avaible channel rewards

Is this something doable without Twitch APIs token & keys? Because I would like to release this to the public and most of the possible user will not be comfortable looking for its token, etc.

Basically I would need a listener to Channel Points reedemes, so I can update the goal bar and an end-point that retrieve all the avaible channel rewards. Any tips about that?

No, you require permission from the broadcaster to read redemptions.
And you’d need a ClientID (and App Access token) to even read public data.
Which Redemptions/Channel Points is not (public data)

As this is “priviledged” data.

Provider a way for the streamer to login/provider access then, even if that is implicit auth.

EventSub is your best optionb for this, which currently only offers a WebHook Transport.

And will require a server and prior authentication/authorisation from the streamer wishing to use this tool

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Do you think that setting up an EventSub handler on Streamelements is doable? Since as far as I know, SE doesn’t provide any direct method to detect Rewards reedemes into the chat.

This isn’t StreamElements support so no idea.

Personally I have streamers authenticate to me/my own service.
Then I consume EventSub into my server and distribute accordingly.

it does not make sense to

Since they consume events to be used internally to SE not to forward on to other use cases to my knowledge

I was planning to develope the widget on SE anyway.

Can you link me the API end-point to retrieve all the rewards of a channel?

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Thank you for your help!

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