Channel Points API - Background Color

I’m working with the create custom rewards endpoint and am having trouble with the background color. When I submit a request it returns:
error: ‘Bad Request’,
status: 400,
The background color is a hex color(including the # sign) and of type string. The only time I don’t get this error is when I hard code the example hex color they provide in the docs(’#00E5CB’). If I choose another hex color and hard code it in, it stops working.

Is there only one option for which color to use? Or am I missing something?

Can you provide an example request/payload that you are sending


This request body seems to work just fine:

whereas this one does not seem to work:

Use #71F1B1 not #71f1b1

Hex colours need to be in ALLCAPS

Update: I opened a documentation fix request

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You are a genius! Thank you sir :slight_smile:

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