Channel Points API - Opt-In Requirement

This thread was closed on the notion that Twitch is hesitant to add a Channel Points API for privacy concerns: API for Channel Points?

The concern laid out in the post is very convincing. Would it be possible to treat this like an extension and require users to manually opt-in to exposing their channel point totals to the streamer? In general, only power users will be frequently redeeming rewards with channel points, and I don’t think it would be unreasonable to ask them to manually opt-in to exposing their points on a per-channel basis.

I envision a separate User Database page on Twitch that shows the streamer only those viewers who have opted into revealing their points totals. Then any future API endpoints created would return a unique error if a user is queried who has not opted in. I would hope this would get around the (very reasonable) privacy concern, if you are only able to look at and interact with those active/power viewers who manually opt in.

Sample use case: I have an external bot command. I would like it to cost 2000 channel points. Rather, I want it to only run if the user who triggers it has at least 2000 channel points. The command then runs and sends a request to deduct their channel points total by 2000.

When a user triggers the command, it requests the channel point total from Twitch. If the user has not opted-in to sharing their points total, Twitch sends back an error code that the bot can use in logic. (For example “Sorry, you have not opted into sharing your points total with the streamer. Please opt in and try again.”

If the user has opted in, the points total is received, the bot can run logic on that, and then send a request to Twitch to deduct points from their total.

That is the expectation if such a API exists, a relevant permissions structure will exist to allow it.

So for now we are stuck waiting for Twitch to decide what to do.

And a few of us have opened User Voices for things we’d like

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