Channel Points Policy

I am in the the process of creating a small Reward System extension, made for one channel, and I came across the channel points policy which says “Points cannot be purchased or exchanged outside of the twitch services”.

I am not completely sure that what I am trying to do violate any policies and also I wouldn’t want to waste too much time creating something that will probably get rejected. So I will try to explain my thought process and I would really appreciate any guidance.

The goal is to let the viewer exchange his/her channel points with another fake currency (gold, diamonds, etc) through the normal chat redeem window.
Inside the extension video component, the new recently exchanged currency is displayed with a list of custom rewards added from my backend service (controlled by the streamer), buying one of this rewards might send an email with further instructions on how to acquire the prize.
The prizes are most likely to be real life items.

A second approach is to make my own custom currency from scratch not based on channel points, but with the same idea, giving viewers points based on their activity and continue with the same old plan.
Would this scenario be acceptable if the first approach isn’t?

Would really appreciate your inputs. Thanks.

This is the thing that isn’t allowed with regards to channel points.

Channel Points being converted to another “currency” appears ok.
But the problem arises from your other “currency” being exchanged for real life items of value.

So you can’t go CP → Your Currency → Real Life item of Value.

As that then inferes CP’s have a monetary value, which they do not.

If you take out the CP"s part of this, then perhaps may pass review.

Please note I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

Both approaches you may have issues with.

For Example: An extension that uses only a custom “currency” was rejected for me, where that custom “currency” was used to obtain tickets for a raffle for “real life items” (like a streamdeck for example) as the “currency” was earned from watching a stream, which added confused value to this action.

That was really helpful, thanks.

So basically (CP > My Currency > Real Life) is out of the question.
The only chance is the approach you took on your extension and hope for the best but doesn’t look promising to be honest.

Out of curiosity did you find another way to make your extension or did you bury this whole idea all together?

The one that got rejected :stuck_out_tongue:

The feature for points in the extension was removed.

It was an External website before extensions. So it still is an external site!