Channel rank by # of subscriptions/followers


Is there a way to get the top 100 channels with most subscriptions/followers?

I know there is a way to get the number of subs/followers for each channel

but what I need is the top 100 channels, preferably without having to search the number subs/followers for every single channels on Twitch.

Thank you.

Natively with the API, no. All of the leg work there would have to be done by the developer. The only thing remotely like that that exists natively is searching for a stream based on a game which returns from most viewers to least.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have a follow up question regarding my original question.

Is there a way to get a list of all Twitch channels, so I can loop through them and collect channel information (follower, subscriber, etc.)

Thank you.

The endpoint you’d be looking for would be:

You’d need to use the following query param query=* this wildcard should retrieve all channels but something to note is the maximum you can return is 100 at a time, you’d need to page through the results till there is no more and store them. Apparently there is 109894370 channels right now so it might take you awhile to page through so many of them. Though you could stop once you start receiving channels with 0 followers because by default they are sorted by follower counts. Assuming that is the important information you’d like.

Subscribers is privileged information so you can’t get that for all channels, not without requesting access tokens from every account on twitch :smiley:

EDIT: The documentation (Search Channels) has the incorrect default limit! The default is really 10 not 25. you can increase the amount of results up to 100 through the limit query param. Just thought I’d mention it since it might come up! Haha. Just found out the offset query param for the endpoint has a limit of 999 so if you wanted to collect ALL channels… well you’d need to not use * but rather iterate through all numbers and letters sequentially to get the results numbers down. Your original question though would still be able to be done, through the wild card search.

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