Channel shows up in /streams/followed whenever a new VOD playlist video starts

I wrote my own notification tool that polls /kraken/streams/followed for streams and shows me a notification whenever someone new goes live and noticed one streamer going live every few hours.

But he wasn’t live, checking out his channel I saw he was using the new VOD playlist function on his channel. He would show up every few hours in the API data, but only for a really short amount of time, usually only for 1 request.

I guess that’s whenever a new video started playing or maybe at random times, not sure. The channel was eatmydiction1.

Is that expected behaviour? I wouldn’t expect VODs to show there. I also saw some people in his chat beeing confused by notifications they got, guess that’s not only happening to me.

Perhaps try

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Ohh cool, thank you very much, gonna try that!

Guess that’s not documented yet in the official github API thing.

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