API Endpoints for Offline Playlists

Is there an API endpoint where I can see (1) if a channel is in “broadcasting playlist” mode, and if it is, (2) what is the current viewers count?

The web page for the channel displays that information, and the web pages for any Teams the channel is part of essentially show the channel like it is live, including showing the viewers count.

Adding stream_type=all as a parameter to /streams will return the stream object for live and playlists streams. There is a is_playlist boolean under the stream object which will indicate if it’s a playlist or not.

Ex: https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/fishstix?stream_type=all

Possible values of stream_type appear to be all, playlist, or live and it seems to work on all the /streams endpoints.

This works great. The “viewers” and “is_playlist” tell me just what I’m looking for. Thanks george!

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