Charity bits notification

Is coming thru as msg_id resub

{ username: 'wyld',
  type: 'subscriber',
   { twitch_username: 'Twitch',
     msg: '',
     color: '#8A2BE2',
      { badges: [Object],
        color: '#8A2BE2',
        display_name: 'Twitch',
        emotes: true,
        id: 'f8e54b73-1928-4adf-ab20-127ae0998fcf',
        login: 'twitch',
        mod: '0',
        msg_id: 'resub',
        room_id: '36972151


Thanks guys!

Seems it’s “safe” to ignore “resubs” from the user display_name Twitch/login twitch

Sorry about that! The msg_id will be changing to charity instead of resub.

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